Migração Agent nova versão OSCE 11.0 ou posterior
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Autor:  Diter [ Ter Dez 18, 2018 9:11 am ]
Título:  Migração Agent nova versão OSCE 11.0 ou posterior

"Unable to retrieve the certificate from the new server…" appears when moving an OfficeScan (OSCE) 10.6 client to OSCE 11.0 server using IpXfer

terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2018

○ Updated:
○ 17 Oct 2016
○ Product/Version:
○ OfficeScan XG.All
○ Platform:
○ Windows 2003 Datacenter 64-bit
When trying to move an OSCE 10.6 client to an OSCE 11.0 or XG server using the IpXfer utility, you receive the following error message:
Unable to retrieve the certificate from the new server. Ensure that the destination server is running OfficeScan 11.0 or later...
This error appears because the OSCE client does not know the public key to communicate with the new OSCE 11.0 or OSCE XG server.
To resolve this issue, the IpXfer command should specify the path to the public key of the new OSCE server. This key is located in C:\..\PCCSRV\Pccnt\Common\OfcNTCer.dat file.
To define the path in IpXfer command using the "-e" switch, use the following syntax:
-e <path or location of OfcNTCer.dat>
The resulting IpXfer command should be similar to the following:
IpxFer.exe -m 1 -o { target OSCE 11 server } -p { target OSCE 11 web-server TCP port } -c  { agent listening TCP port } -e { path to OfcNTCer.dat file from the new OSCE 11 server }
For example, to move an agent with script to a new OSCE 11.0 server with the hostname "osce11-new", you can use following command:
\\osce11-new\ofcscan\admin\utility\ipxfer\ipxfer_x64.exe -m 1 -s osce11-new -p 8080 -c 51424 -e \\osce11-new\ofcscan\Pccnt\Common\OfcNTCer.dat
You may copy the OfcNTCer.dat file to a different location that has a shorter path to shorten the command as well.

De <>

Script Exemplo:
\\servidor\ofcscan\Admin\Utility\IpXfer\ipxfer_x64.exe -m 1 -s slo -p 8060 -c 24214 -e \\servidor\ofcscan\Pccnt\Common\OfcNTCer.dat

Obs: servidor = nome do servidor novo
8060 = Master_DomainPort=8060
24214 = Client_LocalServer_Port=24214

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